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We are often asked what are the various ways to avail our treatments and what the process would be like. Here we share a concise view of the same. The easiest and the most effective way of availing a treatment is by opting for our treatment workshops or home support. 

 Workshops and Home Support 

  1. Chetna
  2. Vedna
  3. Manthan
  4. Swaha 


Home Support: 

1 week :  

3 weeks 

9 weeks

 Helpline Numbers 

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  1. Social Media Presence 


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Section Six: A certification on Mediation the Cure 


We believe in taking the cure to every household. If any of you would love to be a certified NV Life practitioner, we offer certifications as well. The vision is to build more and more practitioners in the ecosystem 




Swaha is a retreat, exclusive to the flagship certification program. This is most cathartic and is meant only for the brave- heart, who have gone through rigorous training and have been continuously working on breaking their belief. This workshop is meant to go deep, where exists love and compassion in all of us. Being the most intense program, it is offered only after various programs have been attended by the individuals and after there being demonstrated transformation within and a significant influence in their ecosystem. 



How to enrol for the programs: 


  • Visit www.nvlife.net or call 844 844 9554 
  • Discuss the case with our experts 
  • Select the suitable program 
  • Fill the diagnostics form 
  • Read and accept Terms and Conditions 
  • Make Payment 
  • NV Life Coach is assigned within 72 hours of receiving the payment. 
  • The Case starts and closes as per the schedule.