A phone call without which I wouldn’t have been alive

I remember the day when I first called Naveen, the day I had lost all hopes of living.

I am 38 years old woman and come from a well-respected industrial family in Karnataka. I am a professional therapist. I have known and practiced all the techniques of psychotherapy. Yet none of it worked and I was seriously considering ending my life.

I made all wrong decisions. I disappointed my parents who did not talk to me, failed marriage for a few years, and I am not a mother yet, even though I know I’m not infertile. I moved out of my marriage and got into a relationship. I took huge loans to support this man in his business and then one day, that I’ve been duped. I lost love, money and respect. All his loans were my liabilities and lenders began to chase me. I believed that I failed as a person on a whole:: As a daughter, a sister, wife, lover and finally- just as a human being! I lost self-confidence, respect for myself and was filled with shame, guilt and resentment. Huge loans, No job, no home and no friend or family to turn to. Where I had failed everywhere, I decided that I’ll cut this meager supply of oxygen and quit life.

This is where I, reluctantly, made one last call to Naveen and got an appointment. I made it clear to myself that if this turns out to be useless, then I will come back and commit suicide.

The day of appointment came and it was huge task to go for it. I was filled with pessimism and really did not hope that Naveen could help. I mean, how could he possibly do a miracle in such a distressful situation?

I dragged myself out and when I was near his healing centre, searching for his place, I gave a call to Naveen to know which building it was. He didn’t pick up. I wandered for few short moments and then gave up. Believing that I was destined to die, I decided to take an auto and execute my plan. As dramatic as it sounds, just then Naveen called. He said that he could see me through his window and all I had to do was turn around and come up.

I met Naveen and told him the entire story: my decision and that I have no money left to pay.

“Money will come and you have the rest of your life to pay me, if you decide to live. Give me 2 hours and let me show you that you have a choice”. With these words, he took me in a healing session and began to move energies in my body. My mind turned relaxed and I walked out optimistic and convinced that I have hope.

In subsequent sessions, Naveen and Chaina worked on me for a month and a half. Each day was new fresh air of life as I began to religiously practice everything from “Science of Life”. He told me to do whatever I wanted to do provided I practice what is taught and attend remote healing.

I started running with the energy, and every day was a whole new experience. I even lost 10 kgs and soon got stable. I, religiously, reported my experiences and was coached on how to look at my symptoms of improvement. Three weeks into it, and just as he predicted, things began to fall in place. I began to love myself, began to get positive vibes from parents and in six weeks, I got a respectable job with accommodation with one of the big hospitals.

He, then, began to coach me to enlarge my consciousness. He detected my patterns of miseries and guided me to self heal those patterns with the techniques taught so that I don’t attract the same patterns. I healed all relationships, trauma, and wounds one by one. My parents accepted me and also supported me with the loans.

I also met a wonderful man who I am married to, a man of my dreams, and also got two wonderful daughters! With him my entire experience has changed. He is my partner in my spiritual journey.

Nevertheless, everything came back to me. Moreover my life has made a 360 shift, and amazingly in just 7 months. What do I call you Naveen? “The man with a magic wand”? Who touched me and the evil spell just vanished and I turned out to be princess? Well, yes I am one. 😀

Naveen, this new me, is dedicated to you, and my prayers have gratitude and you!
Thank you so much Naveen!

She is a classical case of our basic premise on which NvLife Treatment and Research Centre is founded. “Nothing is fixed, everything is vibrating in universe, so is death and destiny”. Her decision to commit suicide was not her fixed state. The traumatic energies were so badly trapped in her body that her mind was not able to see hope. In 2 hours, as we began to move energies in her body and healed her at soul level, hope and optimism began to flow. The good thing about this case was that she was at rock bottom and had everything to gain by following our guidance and process. We’ve had cases where the client is armed with an IIT or IIM degree, and turn out to have an ego larger than the size of their country. Therefore, when walk into our centre for transformation, many sessions are spent in just crashing their ego before the actual treatment begins.

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