NV LIFE is a health and well-being organization established in 2010. It has developed breathing- based processes and techniques to restore optimal health. From children to chronic patients with terminal ailments – all have effortlessly reversed any kind of suffering. Its science is based on the principles of quantum physics.

It works on a simple formula that “Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts”. The Cure works on the simple process of observing the breath. When we observe breathing, thoughts begin to diminish.

What makes the NV Life techniques so powerful and effective?

by NVLife in Principle of Healing 4

“In every healing modality like Reiki, PLR and many others, results vary depending upon who is the master and also it works for some and not for all and then again, results vary. Some people may get results in some situation and not in all. However, with NvLife techniques, it works always and with everyone and in all the situations. It, in fact, has instant effect. What is so different here?”
-Nizam Tanduri (NV Life Scientist) after 4 months of attending workshop […]