The genesis of NV LIFE is in its research and ability to decode the science behind the occurrence of any event in our life. Its founding principle of research is based on two questions which led to establishing successfully, in the last 10 years, that the cure of every issue in life is only within us.  

These 2 questions are 

  1. Who Am I? 
  1. Why do certain things happen to certain people and not to others? 

These questions led to working on thousands of cases of distress, disorder and disease and in the process the science and mechanism of reversing various states of suffering were discovered. The complete wisdom of our research has been translated into step-by-step techniques and has been shared, along with the science, in the book, Meditation-The Cure. We could easily say that it is the one book, which takes the reader through a lucid understanding of the science of breathing, the mechanism of layers of the human body and the techniques to access the cure within; thus being complete in itself. 

The cornerstone of our work is that the state of meditation is the state of cure. This means, no matter what your suffering is, if you can be taught/led to the state of meditation, your suffering begins to reverse on its own. Several thousand people have been successfully reversing their suffering, from simple to complex to terminal, through the book and have improved their quality of life. Here’s sharing some of the key findings of our work- 

  1. How to make everyone arrive at the state of meditation 
  1. Pillars of being healthy are established and they are Sleep, Breath and Sexuality. 
  1. If one person in the family starts to practice meditation, as taught by us, or enrolls with our programs, the entire family begins to see difference in themselves. Based on the principle of quantum physics, as one person raises the vibration, others connected with that person begin to experience a rise in their vibrations.  
  1. The Algorithm of Suffering: We have successfully established that the ‘0-21’ age group is where your entire programming takes place and gets active. The rest of your life which you spend is only a looped-play of the patterns formed in ‘14-21’ years of age, consciously or subconsciously. These patterns flow from the tendencies formed during 7-14 years of age and are powered by your sexual energy. And these tendencies are formed based on belief created in 0-7 years of age.  
  1. Our landmark work is to decode emotions and belief passed on by the mother in her pregnancy to the child, which can be reversed by mother working on herself. This means to work on the issues of the child, all that needs to be done is work by the mother on herself. Its most vocal impact has been visible in case of ADHD and Autism, where mothers have reversed several symptoms of the child just by working on themselves. 

We have also established integration with other programs. For example, people pursuing our programs have gone back to their doctors, who have endorsed the reversal of symptoms and declared them healthy.  

We are now in the process of training people to become certified coaches and forge relations with other institutions for collaborative validation of our science and techniques.