A Review – NV Life Treatment Centre Bangalore Workshop – May 2014

Bangalore Workshop - 7 and 8th June 2014 - 2

The exciting part of the workshop is that we want to see workshop delivering more value to the participants. Objective is to be able to help people transform in 2 days to the extent that they do not go back to their old way of life. And as more and more patients who approach us are pushed for workshop to save them time and money, it is heartening to see how they are getting healed in 2 days which otherwise was more than a month job for us few years back and far more expensive. Excitement also comes that each workshop, we learn something new and we are so better in delivering next workshop.

This workshop had a cancer patient, 5 mental disorders cases and rest had relationship, life issues and other smaller ailments. This means almost 50% of them had major ailment/disorder. Barring 3 participants, who could absorb less and changes were less visible within 2 days, compared to massive transformation and instant healing which others encountered.

Our bliss came when one of the participant, who was absent minded for over 20 years and had lost all his energy to be able to do anything, turned around in 10 minutes of dramatic event in which all his energies were restored. His pineal gland was over activated and due to blocked heart chakra, had his energy trapped in head and in Swadhishtan Chakra. This resulted in excessive desires and due to lack of flow, landed up with fantasy and day dreaming..

In another case of severe disorder, when we saw pain and peace in the eyes of the participant, who for last 3 weeks was talking about rage and revenge was quite satisfying to see. This was a case of a potential destruction of a individual and family beginning to turn constructive.

Even for 3 participants, transformation has taken place and it is matter of few minutes of practice, they will also come around.

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