Schizophrenia – Cause and Effect

Subconscious mind has information stored from many lives including present one. Conscious mind has the role of channelizing this information in such a way that subconscious does not interfere with the physical reality. On a daily basis, sleep ensures that the partition between conscious and subconscious remains intact. When a person gets into a situation where conscious mind loses its control on the physical reality; flood of information from subconscious begins to surface in the conscious mind. This mixes the physical reality with realities of subconscious and information flow is so rapid, that conscious mind (whatever little is of it is left by then) is not able to regulate information and keep the balance. This is where delusion and hallucination takes place and gradually becomes permanent, if not treated.

Schizophrenia like any other disorder does not happen at a very rapid pace. It, in fact happens gradually and slowly, as series of events which erodes faith in life begin to occur for the patient. Based on our experience so far, following are the common triggers for Schizophrenia which happens over a period of time

      Pressure from parents for studies
      Death of parent/loved one on which child did not cry
      Witnessing extreme violence in riots or at home
      Failure of relationship/cheating and fraud
      Under exploitation

Often the environment of the family is the trigger which acts as a constant pressure and to avoid that pressure, patient lands up in this state. There are cases where parents do not even know if they have exerted pressure. In such cases, coaching and healing family plays vital role in preparing path of recovery for the patient. Almost no case can be recovered from Schizophrenia without family support. Hallucination and delusion is rather easy part and happens quickly as that calls for biological correction. Difficult part comes when a patient still feel that pressure which is magnetized in his/her body. Finally most difficult part is rehab program which family has to be trained to give comfort to the patient to come back and to feel accepted.

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