Science of Life Program – Introduction

The Science of Life workshop consists of three techniques that establish a deep connect between health and breathing. This workshop has emerged after 7 years of practicing these simple breathing techniques on over a thousands of clients having complaints of complex and chronic issues related to their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The workshop links disease, disorder and distress to the physical, mental and emotional states of the individual and demystifies the science behind the source.

The principles of Quantum Physics are the basis of the workshop understanding, which state that the vibratory levels of individuals can be changed with breathing by restoring the physical-mental-emotional body balance. Higher the vibrations, better the health. A healthy and; balanced emotional-mental-physical being effortlessly attracts happiness, spirituality and material manifestations. At higher vibratory level: insights turn into intent, intent into desire and desire into manifestation.

For example, diseased cells vibrate at a much lower frequency than healthy cells. Rather than fighting disease, Science of Life helps raise the frequency of vibrations to such a state where disease and distress cannot exist. Cure is a journey that moves from a lower vibratory level to a higher range of frequency and techniques learnt in this workshop help sustain at this high level.


  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in your training and methods. Where are you located? I strongly believe focused or stragetic or meditative breathing can heal, even by the siple mechanisms of activating the parasympathetic system for relaxation or simply adding oxygen to the cells and tissues.

    Are your techniques about breathwork, meditation, pranayama?

    Thanks for all you do to reduce suffering in the world.

    I would like to learn more and find out about your workshops.

    Have a great day ….. Joe

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