She felt immense relief from chronic fungal sinusitis and polyps without any medication, only by sincerely doing NV Techniques.

My medical issue was chronic fungal sinusitis/polyps in right nostril. The symptoms have regressed with the help of cotton at night, NV Swimming, NV Fishing and NV Hunting without any medication. I got my status reviewed by ENT Specialist on monthly basis since august 2018 (without disclosing to the doctor that I was not taking medicines prescribed by him).


I recall my first call with Dinesh Ji (NV LIFE Counsellor) those five words still resonate in my ears:

“Freewill, sincerity, authenticity, curiosity and faith are required in this journey”. It was his voice which assured me and I just flowed. Thanks a lot Dinesh Ji for guiding me.

Next day onwards it was Sharayu (NV LIFE Coach), I must compliment her as she just hit it at the right place with her authoritative tone. She made me realise and accept the darkness inside me. Initially I felt nervous whether I would have to answer her questions (it was my self doubt). I felt cornered, pressurised, nervous, disinterested and hopeless.

My only support during that time was my breath and NV Techniques, which I have hooked on to like a baby to her mother and later dawned upon me that those feelings were what I was suppose to observe i.e, my dark I have come all the way to this platform to recognize and accept them. The recurring patterns of life all came face to face with me. I realised that it was all about me.

I am an Architect (a combination of B.Arch and M.Tech) been a professional and academician, artist (mural paintings) and recently got inclined to alternative healing. After reaching a certain level of accomplishment in each field, I used to  lose interest and switched on to new things- it has been like that all through.

I am blessed to have a loving husband, lovely kids (all doing well for themselves). My home is like a heaven (touch wood) but I used to wonder as to why is there a vaccum within me. There were times when my whole existence felt torn, one part wanted to move ahead and the other pulled me back. I wanted to unfold this mystery.

I was here in CHETNA to resolve my discomfort with my parents (without any apparent reason). I want to embrace them wholeheartedly with love and only love.

I was asked by Dinesh ji and Sharayu to connect with my spirit- (singing & painting ) of my childhood passions which I had left long time back. Even though I tried I could never connect to them. During coaching sessions I realized that whenever I tried to connect, I judged myself, wasn’t satisfied, would sympathise with myself, go in a self pity mode, thereby losing interest and started something fresh.

I had become my own critque!

Somewhere I realized that the cause and effect both were within me. I accepted the truth and moved on for CHETNA, where more was to come.


I will be honest that on the first day I wasn’t sure what was there to come, but I had waited so long for this day and knew that an excellent environment has been created by Naveen Ji and the NV LIFE Team for us to benefit.

During meditation sessions I realised another important facet –  my anger, which due to the beliefs created by me, had turned towards me. Surprisingly I was always under this impression that I don’t get angry with anyone or even if it gets triggered it doesn’t last long. But here I was wrong. I was angry with myself.

Naveen Ji’s  talk on Sexuality was like a breath of fresh air for me- I felt like a baby in labour room who was given a pat to cry. I felt as if a hold within got released. His talk made me realise the guilt and shame which I had attached to my sexuality in my growing up years.

I could connect and absorb the energies which came to my awakening during CHETNA. Later I experienced smell which lasted a whole day and pleasant sensations within me which have become part of me, I just have to stay connected to my breath.


Vandana ji, my coach post Chetna, made me comfortable with my experiences, helped me with assimilation of what all had been done, instilled confidence that I can write this review.

She guided me through with my identified emotions and the techniques to be followed. It is a journey of awareness since CHETNA workshop ended and every day awareness is growing.

It has come to my awareness that using words like good/bad emotions , +ve /-ve emotions creates biases in our minds and add on to our belief systems.

The way a farmer’s field requires manure as well as pesticide to get a good yield of crop. Similarly  in our life we need both set of emotions in right amount at the right time to create the right Karmas (this is my personal opinion which is helping me deal with my set of emotions)

Thank you Naveen ji for making me aware of this beautiful tool “MY BREATH”.

With gratitude to the Universe.

Neetu Karki

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