She saw positive changes in her daughter by turning inwards and working on herself.

From a fussy, grumpy eater she started enjoying her meals and was eager to try out new things. In a few months, she outgrew her clothes.”

I am a mother to a 6-year-old beautiful girl. She has growth issues and I have been going for occupational therapy to various places since last 5 years. None of the leading hospitals and doctors have been able to give me a diagnosis or reason for the situation.

My aunt gave me a book ‘Meditation-The Cure’ by Naveen Varshneya. I went through it and it gave me hope. So I purchased my copy of the book and started practicing the techniques explained in the book. Slowly, without any special effort, I started seeing changes in my daughter. From a fussy, grumpy eater she started enjoying her meals and was eager to try out new things. In a few months, she outgrew her clothes (it is a very big thing for me, this had never happened before).

I had filled up my CHETNA diagnosis form with honesty. Little did I realise that I hardly knew myself. The pre-workshop home support calls with Anita ji  (NV LIFE Counsellor) and Madhupa ji (NV LIFE Coach) made me think about me deeply. They both held a safe space for me and I opened up to them and myself about issues, feelings and emotions which were buried deep.

I decided to attend CHETNA (A two days workshop) as I was having trouble with the techniques. I learned here that it was not about my daughter, but about me. I went deeper within myself while being aware of the breath. I became aware of the emotions and memories which I had suppressed a long time ago.

My coach during the post Chetna home support, Shabnam ji, asked me thought provoking questions. During that week she was present with me all the time, prodding me to look within even when I was alone. She was supportive yet unobtrusive. The NV-hunting sessions shook me to the core and questions led to more questions but I am getting to know myself. Immense gratitude to Naveen Sir and the complete NV LIFE team.

This time I noticed changes in me. I feel a lot calmer and in sync with my surroundings. I suddenly have time to do so much more. To illustrate, earlier getting my daughter ready for school used to be a race against time and I would braid her hair while she was eating breakfast. I would lose temper and she would go sulking to school. Now, I wake her up 10 minutes late and there is enough time to braid her hair after she is through with breakfast. The changes in my daughter have been incremental.

This is just the beginning and I have a long way to go.

Thank you NV LIFE.

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