Some Of The Questions, Demystified

Here are some of the very common questions which we all have in our mind all the time but seldom do we find credible and simple answers leave aside experiencing real bliss within us through such answers.

Workshop is not about giving you such rely but to help you understand and experience such truth you have been seeking. You will discover how replies to such questions as experienced by you through 3 techniques is actually the solution to our sufferings be it at emotion, mental or physical level. Yet, if you have more questions, We are confident, we have answers or we know how you can find your own answers.

1. Origin of human life: How do we choose our parents and why are they the best possible combination chosen by our soul for the journey of our life? Why is it imperative to connect with the frequency of family to attain contentment, peace and health?

2. Origin of belief: How belief gets formed in our subconscious and creates reality which we call destiny and how changing the belief can change our destiny?

3. How do we change our frequency to raise our energies effortlessly and attract better health and happiness?

4. How breathing is connected to mystery and is the only tool to discover the purpose of life and how by decoding the science of breathing opens up gates to life at higher Octave?

5. How suffering is optional and pain is inevitable and why pain is the only medium to connect with inner self to discover deeper meaning of our life?

6. Why love turns illusive after a while and why sexuality is so misunderstood by us?

7. Why sleep, breathe and sexuality is the source of health. How can we transmute our sexuality for sensuality and spirituality to liberate from a compulsive need  and greed filled with desires?

8. Why do we get into the same situation time and again in every relationship and how can we identify and break the patterns to eliminate the effect of past events?

9. What is healing? Can anybody heal? What is the science of healing? Is it a gift of god or skill which can be acquired or it is innate in every human being?

10. Be Light. Be consciousness and turn inward? Heard and read it every where but how do I do it? and how do I know that I am going right?

11. Theory of Karma and cause and effect? What is the science behind meeting some strangers and how to attract events, environment and people who enrich our experience?

12. Is there something called destiny or do we write our own script? And how?

13. Why do we encounter negative episodes as we begin to practice “Science of Health”, and how do they disappear on their own making way for much positive encounters soon through breathing?

14. Does the 3 techniques taught in “Science of Health” work for all? If so, then why some do not connect or can one technique help a person better than other one?

15. Why past shall not be forgotten and cannot be and how past trauma can be healed to unlock the wisdom to liberate us?

16. How just by balancing electromagnetic field, we have optimal health and why this will remain a regular work to remain healthy?

17. Why “Science of Health” is not just another healing modality and how it is a complete treatment for all the issues faced by us?

18. What is middle path (Madhya Marg) as taught in Buddhism and how to attain that state?

19. What is meditation and what is right way of meditation? What happens when we meditate? How does it help to attain health? It is prevention or cure?

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