Consciousness and health have a direct relationship with each other. The bigger the consciousness, the better the health. As you begin to fall sick, your consciousness shrinks. We have almost no other thought or emotion outside of this suffering. We learned from the example of fever in the previous section how our mind collapses, and our attention remains at our body and emotions when the fever increases. To help you recall our learning, the reason we are attracting suffering is because this is how we are turning inward and connecting back to our spirit, which we have ignored by staying in our mind.

As you begin to reverse your suffering by practicing techniques in this section, you shall see your consciousness expanding. This means, becoming more aware of yourself, your tendencies, better acceptance of yourself, better comfort with your past. Better acceptance of your failure. You shall see more insight and more wisdom about yourself.

We classify every problem humanity faces in three categories.

Distress: You may feel void that god is not listening to you or just unhappy with yourself or job or relationships. It does not matter. Issue is you do not feel adequate and contented with where you are. It is distress for us

Disorder: This is a taboo word and you do not like it if we say, each one of us, including you have mental disorder. Once, you know the definition of mental disorder, you will have tendency to discard and call it normal in every life, without knowing how it is already eroding your peace and holds the potential to create massive havoc in your life in future. Why discard when it is so simple now to reverse any disorder and experience real happiness and inner peace within.

Mental disorder is a state where your mind controls your behaviour rather than you controlling or navigating your behaviour. Take any reaction of yours, which you regretted later. That is early sign of mental disorder. This means if you continue to be like this, it will only increase its intensity, periodicity and time interval and destabilise your wellbeing and eventually health.

Disease is simple to understand. It is when something has interrupted smooth functioning of your body. This is result of your repressed emotions and belief. It first started with distress, when could not be contained, became disorder and when mind could not hold it down inside, it revolted and punctured chemistry of your body to bring attention to your own self.

You can know what emotions, events caused you disease just by paying attention to the emotions, your symptoms give you. Take diabetes. So what happens when you have hunger pains? Why do you feel numbness in legs or fatigue?


A turnaround- From dying to searching purpose of life-

  “ When I look back it seems a miracle that just half a year back I joined NV Life with a fear of dying of cancer and today I am searching for the purpose […]

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The NV Techniques helped her realise and accept, with grace, the truth about her parents.

I kept asking Life this question, as to where am I going wrong. I did get sympathy, faith and tolerance. But no solution that corrected the root cause . In spite of being from an […]

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She felt immense relief from chronic fungal sinusitis and polyps without any medication, only by sincerely doing NV Techniques.

My medical issue was chronic fungal sinusitis/polyps in right nostril. The symptoms have regressed with the help of cotton at night, NV Swimming, NV Fishing and NV Hunting without any medication. I got my status […]

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Treatment Week made NIKITA realize how her past beliefs and patterns were influencing her present.

PCOD is the disease I am suffering with but today I’m more concerned about the emotions I’m suppressing and living with. I’m sure if I can deal with those, the disease will find its way […]

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She saw positive changes in her daughter by turning inwards and working on herself.

“From a fussy, grumpy eater she started enjoying her meals and was eager to try out new things. In a few months, she outgrew her clothes.” I am a mother to a 6-year-old beautiful girl. […]

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Autism Spectrum

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Cure – A perspective

The bad news is that, according to conventional medicine, there is no such thing as CURE for chronic disease. Modern medicine does not believe that anything like CURE exists. Rightly so, because it cannot achieve […]

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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) – The Breach of Trust

OCD is triggered due to breach of trust. It has two clear components a) obsessive thoughts b) compulsive thoughts. Compulsive thoughts are the one, which trigger in our mind on its own and we have poor control on their arrival in our conscious mind. We all have such thoughts all the time due to disturbance in emotional body but since mind is balanced, as normal person, we are able to control them and focus on normal life. However it is an effort. When intensity and periodicity of such compulsive thoughts become higher and reach a critical mass, they turn obsessive and our control on them is now very fragile. […]

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How homosexuality develops in teens

Disclaimer: We have either defended homosexuality or suppressed it. We probably have not been curious about it the way we have been on various other topics. I believe, homosexuality like anything else in life deserves its due attention and shall be accepted as a matter of fact. Core of my work is curiosity and to attempt to find out what makes us unique in any moment or in any situation. This article no way claims certainty of facts but is an attempt to explore. It neither judges homosexuality as good or bad. […]

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