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Case Studies

Forward by Dr. Alex Hankey

Dr Alex Hankey gained a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gained a Triple First in Natural Sciences. In 1973 he gained a PhD in theoretical physics from MIT , specializing in particle physics and critical […]

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Dementia is a state of mind where our consciousness loses reference to the present moment and drowns into the past. This happens to all of us all the time, but however, in the case of dementia, […]

Case Studies

The IT Program Manager & her Magic Wand

Before the workshop – I was going through a tough time due to professional and personal setbacks. Even though, I was strong on the outside, the walls inside me were breaking and it felt like […]


Science of Disease

Disorder is a disease at energy level and disease is a disorder at mass level. Emotions which represent our unique spirit are continuously flowing through our body and if our mind is neglecting what our […]