The Science of Sports

Performance is not about how good you are, but how you perform within given time and environment. Unless you are Total in that moment, you are not at your best.

All serious students appearing for any competitive examinations such as IIT, CAT or IAS, are at par with each other in terms of their intellect, motivation and hard work, training and practice. However, selection of the candidates does not check for the intelligence of the candidates but for their ability to produce their intelligence within given time and under pressure environment. Sports are not any different but rather far more demanding in terms of their ability to produce their best within much lesser time than academics and this means integration of all four bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical) working in harmony to deliver through physical layer.

In a 90 minutes game, Lionel Messi gets ball on average 10 times (on higher side). Each time, the ball is with him for less than one minute. He has a task to hit the goal and give his best performance with in that time frame. This means for 90 minutes, he needs his total focus. On same note, Sachin has the same task while batting for the whole day and he requires the same focus every minute when bowler starts to ball till he hits it. In case of athletics, demand to excel in shorter time gets more challenging where they need to win within few seconds or very few minutes depending upon the sport.

Skills, techniques, and experiences are just tools available to them and sports person work best when they are able to apply their mind intuitively in that moment. Mind and body can be brought in union and can be kept at constant value throughout the game rather easily. However, it is the dynamic nature of spirit (emotions) which have a direct impact on the mind and body and that begins to change the power of focus. Hence by only doing mental and physical training, will still have the gaps which need to be filled by integrated Spirit-Body-Mind approach. Sachin’s infamous score “99” is just one such example among many, throughout all sports where emotional body loses balance with mind and body and it comes up uninvited in crucial moment in competition breaking away all the resolve existing at mind and body level to win. To create a winner, emotional body which is running through the subconscious, needs to be in harmony with mind to allow wholesome power to come in the performance.

Key Challenges for Sports Person

1. Ability to produce performance in seconds and minutes and that too, every time.
2. Accuracy, precision and consistency which require absolute focus and power. A trait found in Yogi.
3. To be in perfect state of balance, at the time of competition, when pressure and expectations are huge.

The Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the only link between mystery and life. It carries the seeds of energy in it and if regulated with awareness, it infuses energy which transforms into power. For centuries, this secret was known to our Rishis and they used this as an art to attain high powers. Sports where a player has a task of “being total” in that moment, has much higher challenge than a Yogi, who has no time pressure. It is this art which is demystified by us and is converted as a science and then in techniques which can be passed on to players to enhance their performance.

Breathing is affected by emotions all the time and emotions are triggered by experiences and experiences are created based on belief and belief is product of environment. Hence every person carries a baggage from their past which does not allow their conscious mind to live in the moment and great amount of efforts is required, all the time, to keep such emotions under control. It requires high mental bandwidth just to manage these emotions and thus leaving little mind available to focus on the work in hand. the moment for a long duration. This becomes inherent limitation for any training to be done at mind level as whole of mind is not available to be trained to focus on task. Nature of the emotions is such that it continues to get stored in subconscious as they continue to flow in our body and thus bring inherit error in infinite potential of breathing. When we train our mind to focus on our performance, we always have to work against the subconscious, which is seeking emotional release all the time.

In contrast, take a case of child prodigy like Sachin and Messi, where they have all the emotions, for their passion for the game and hence their conscious and subconscious are fused and integrated.

To make other players perform in line with a prodigy, it is essentially a task to clear their subconscious and align it with the conscious so that their spirit-body and mind speak the same language which results in absolute focus and power. This is what we have developed as “Science of Life” program which consists of 3 techniques, which when practiced, automatically begins to align conscious and subconscious for the purpose of life and as that happens they have no stress or sorrow in practicing as they begin to experience bliss in doing so. It is no more a task to perform but joy of doing it.

In last 5 years, having worked with mental disorders cases, which were given up by every medical stream, we began to apply them on healthy people. As we developed the science, we discovered that no matter who the person is and what the issue is, these techniques when applied can make people vibrate at higher frequency. So same techniques are by now applied on scores of chronic illness, corporate executives, relationship issues and of course on sports person. Since it is a science, we work with objectivity and very high degree of predictable outcome and results are visible and quantifiable. In case of sports, results in the performance have been visible within 1 to 3 weeks.

Program developed and perfected in last 5 years of doing work in the area of mental health has brought credible, predictable results with objectivity. There are enough case studies and testimonials available across various issues of mental health including sports. Besides, our work is such that, one can experience the difference in a short while realizing the power and validity of it.

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