Understanding “Depression” Better

Question: Can you please give more examples or symptoms, as this is the beginning of all mental disorders…

-by Payal Sharma

REPLY: The best way to understand the state of depression is by the first rule, as defined by us i.e. “when impact of an event in life is bigger than the faith in life, mental disorder begins to set in”

Let us take examples: I have expectation that my daughter shall score 90% marks. She does not. If this makes me sad and feeling low, I am in state of depression. Let us say I spend few hours in that state and then come out with a plan on how to help her achieve that goal or to accept it the way it is and bounce back with life, is my survival instinct. But if I turn angry on her, it is basically hyperactive reaction and it means obsessive survival instinct. This is driven by fear that what if she does not get 90% and by helplessness that how will she survive if she does not get 90%. When fear and helplessness are combined with strong ego, anger is turned outward on the child which may now bring the child in depression for few hours or forever depending upon the survival instinct of the child (same rule applies).

Imagine, if such disappointments continue to happen and we refuse to adjust our expectations and begin to count such episode of disappointment as failure, we discover that we are loosing faith in life and that state is called depression.

Depression for few moments happen to all of us all the time but that shall not be the cause of worry as long as you either have a survival plan (coming out with the idea of spending more time with the child or giving her help in studies or talking to teachers to find out why she could not score) or your faith in life is so strong that you accept her less marks as way of life and help her find what other talents she has which she can pursue rather than being pushed for academics.

Hence depression is really a state which is absence of survival plan or holistic view to life, as our desire will always set some expectations and we will always have some disappointments every day. Important is keep the faith in life and hope for tomorrow ALIVE.

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