To assume that health and well-being can be restored through external means is to assume that nature has created a flaw in human life. The Cure is within you.

The goal of life is never to look after our health and well-being but to live in accordance with nature to fulfill the the purpose of our being born in this lifetime. Health and well-being is granted to us, as long as we live in accordance with nature.

When we speak of nature, then it is not just limited to the environment and mother earth but also the realization of our own unique nature and tendencies. We all are unique beings and we all have a code which carries all the secrets, which are required to live our life for the purpose we are born for.

NV Life was born in 2010 with the vision to find a mechanism through which everyone can identify their code and being to aligned with their purpose. Restoring health and well-being in this process was a natural first step amongst the thousands of cases which went through our programs.

Having perfected the science and mechanism on vast categories of suffering, which human beings are going through, the book Meditation-The Cure was written in June 2017, with the vision to create experts in reversing health and well-being in each household.

Our mission is to create more teachers who can help every household become an expert in handling their health and wellbeing. We see a vision to see Meditation- The Cure being integrated with all kind of medical and well-being systems to speed-up recovery and make people self- reliant.