What are my benefits from the program?

1. The techniques taught along with the theory, demystify the secrets of our life, for a variety of issues related to health, happiness and relationships. The science behind the techniques are understood and relatable to your life thereby bringing a greater degree of acceptance towards the self.
2. The healing performed during the workshop removes the obstacles at a spiritual and emotional level, facilitating higher vibrations.
3. Clearing the hurt and trauma of the past is addressed in detail and liberation from our past belief and conditioning is one of the essential taught in the program.
4. The process aids in slowing down the aging process at the organ level. Results are visible on the outer layer of the skin, face and energy levels.
5. It helps in eliminating the feeling of inadequacy and brings contentment as you get connected to your roots. It reflects a transformation in your personal and professional relationships.
6. Lifestyle diseases such as BP, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Migraines, Arthritis, Sinus, Sexual Dysfunction and Anger Disorders begin to acquire a breakthrough and as you discover the causes at an emotional level, you can progressively heal them with practice.
7. Breathing techniques help restore your insulin, thus providing an essential cure for Diabetes.
8. Improved quality of sleep, happiness quotient, sensitivities and intimacy with self-bringing shift in gears at the personal, professional and commercial level.
9. Stagnant matters related to money, property, job, relationships and inner satisfaction begin to flow which helps you attract positive surroundings, people and situations.
10. The ability to live in the moment comes naturally.
11. Negative emotions and disturbing memories don’t last long and the journey towards positive thoughts and emotions begin.

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