What is Deja Vu? Why Does It Happen To Some And Why Not To Others?


Deja Vu is a feeling that we have been in this moment exactly the way we are right now.

It is like overlap. You are in the act and it is being played as well, making you an observer of the same act, with a very small signal time lag where the scene is played just a few short moments before the act. The effect of this phenomenon is that in an instant it creates a feeling of wonderment and connects us to mystery. This effect is the very purpose of Deja Vu, and it helps us connect with inner self, to let us believe that we are at the right place doing right thing in that situation. It comes as a guide. But then the argument is why does it happen in some of the most trivial matter. Such as having Deja Vu while eating ice-cream?

Deja vu is a more colorful multimedia version of premonition. Premonition happens to people who have at least some degree of awakened inner self (even if they do not trust it). With premonition, conscious mind has a choice to pursue it or not but that is the not the case with Deja vu. It first of all happens for a very short moment, not letting the logical mind intervene by suppressing it.

When we are on a path of transformation after hardships of life and we are learning to turn inward so that we trust our feelings, whilst the logical mind, expectations and rational view is not yet gone. During those days in our journey, we look for various forms of coincidences, validations or so to say miracles which reinforces our belief in self and brings logical mind to rest by few more notches. Deja vu is also a phenomenon which occurs to people who are in the process of developing faith in themselves and learning to surrender to mystery.

When deja vu happens, please by all means, speed up your process of trusting yourself. It may relate to that situation or not, but learn to drop your mind and go by your feeling. Let me give you example from one of the longest Deja Vu (lasted more than a minute.. more dumb you are, it lasts longer to give you loud and clear message, do you get it??)

In year 1993/94, after failing successfully in my first venture, after a gap of 5 months when I was learning how to live to secure 3 meals and trust inner self, having lost everything (whatever little I had, other than throwing most secure, high paying job with a MNC), I was put in front of a guy where we just hit it off in an instant. It was like what happens to people in love at first sight. We decided to form a business partnership. I had to travel to Mumbai to meet his parents where business terms had to be decided. I had the baggage of my past business failure where I had learned that clear business terms written down and signed is the way for healthy successful relationship and I was clear that if we do not achieve it, then i will walk out.

As I walked towards his home, around 200 m before his house, I had this Deja Vu. I knew which side of the street his house is, the entire architecture and layout of his house including paintings in the living area and the faces of his folks. In that moment, I knew that no matter what, I must go ahead with this partnership. For sure, my conditions were not met but I went ahead and those less than 3 years of living together and doing business formed the base for me to be where I am today- happy and at peace with myself. Although business turned very good for us but financial gains were rather miniscule but business became an excuse for our souls to learn with each other and explore spirituality together.

As I look back, I see this happened which was my transition time. This made me fore-go my learning. This was the longest Deja Vu I have experienced and the most profound one…


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