Why The Good And Powerful Can Be Effective In Giving Curse?

Good Over Evil

As a child, we must have wondered reading stories from mythology (mainly Hindu) that every saint or mystic at some point gets angry and gives a Curse and we wonder how can a saint give a Curse.

However this is not just mythology and we all have done cursing to others. It is a separate matter that whether we are effective or not. Here is the “why” and the “how” of Curse.

Curse is the opposite of Blessing. Curse is like a poison tablet injected in the energy field of a person and gradually it dissolves in your energy to lead you into the dark by creating misfortune or accidents or sheer lack of happiness. It is all dependent on your inner power, openness in the energy of the person who is being cursed (which often the case is) that the Curse will be effective or not and it is just matter of time.

For Curse to be effective, you must have inner strength and that comes from meditation. Hence the mystic who was not given food in time when he knocked on the door, cursed the woman of the house because he had inner power through years of meditation. A mystic is a person who has found wandering as purpose of his life and wants to connect with the world for his limited needs of the body so that he can spend more time in pursuing what he believes is the real essence of human living. So, when he is not respected and he feels his need is not met or delayed by ignorant lady, he turns angry and gives a curse.

So Curse results from anger. Anger results from not meeting expectation which happens when trust is broken but that is not enough for Curse to take birth. It is when the need is not met and mystic has put all stakes on that door in complete surrender to universe and in that weak moment, mystic rather than begging or being persuasive for food, decides to remain in acceptance of universe but leaves a curse behind to teach a lesson to that lady. If you like you can take practical modern day examples. You are dependent on your partner and you live in complete surrender and trust. You are saintly in nature and do not believe in asserting or fighting for your rights… In those moment of helplessness when your partner lets you down, breaks the trust and you do not wish to bring anger out, it transforms in the form of a curse where you wait that he/she realizes the mistake by actually experiencing the same or similar situation.

Curse is a form of high anger when trust is broken and person feels a sheer state of helplessness which for that moment seems threat to his/her survival. The reason it comes in the form of Curse is because person has built no defense mechanism or alternate plans and lives in complete faith in that relationship.

Purpose is to help cursed person realize some day what he/she has done by breaking the trust out of ignorance or arrogance. It is a tool to help other person realize and realization rarely come when you are successful and happy.

This is not to say that a mystic has the right to justify it. By definition, mystic is a mystic when he/she is in complete acceptance of situation with faith in the universe that he/she is taken care of. By cursing he is failing to see the grand plan of universe, where he is to learn patience and endurance, and he is becoming a survivor by relating with the that lady by cursing her. He would have to take few more birth probably only to learn endurance and surrender but then he is done the damage to the lady and lady is cursed.

Hence a society or a relationship which does not wish to learn from wisdom and become authentic, will continue to attract those scenarios where learning happens through fear and misery. To be authentic means to be sensitive and intimate with self. The practice of meditation through which you feel guided by your inner self is the way to heal the effect of the any known/unknown Curse, acting upon you through the journey of soul through its many births. You can know about Curse by realizing that you feel stuck in a pattern which is not letting you move forward in spite of all your best efforts and holy intent and practice of meditation will help you heal the effect of curse if any acting upon you.

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  1. Thank you for a great article .I was always wondering even when one does his duty with devotion why he get cursed .Many kings lost their kingdom due to curse of their subjects .It becomes inevitable that some section gets hurt and angry.you have shown how to remain with strong energy through meditation so that curse do not affect you

  2. This is so scary ! Why is human life so complicated? Sometimes I feel animals live in bliss.. and humans generally live in fear and misery – quite contrary to what existence meant it to be.

    Now one feels that surges of anger felt at certain times in particular situations were curses… and it’s easy to see that one has silently received the same in abundance… now I can consciously focus on at least controlling this uncontrollable anger.

    For the first time I realise that curses given/recd consciously (or dramatically 😂😯😐) are blessings or do good to one’s soul by teaching a particular necessary lesson, besides teaching humility… apart from realization to the one who curses.

    Learning for both providing they realize it.

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