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When we started, we had promised ourselves that we would find a way to transfer the knowledge and science of healing as treatment for various disorders and disease. We discovered that a specific symptom requires very little specific knowledge and insight, the treatment by and large remains the same. The key factor is opening up emotional body and if we regulate emotions and integrate with mind and body, we have health and happiness. Hence our workshops, where we teach the science and techniques, is attended by people who are either coming for treatment of chronic disease or by healthy people to learn to connect with their own self and to have more enriching experience, or people who like to learn to become healers one day. Some of the basic minimum benefits, every participant gets are:

a) It is anti aging in nature. Not just the skin but organs and this means reduced risk of catching disease at later stage. Your hormonal tests can confirm you after 6 weeks of practice for 20 minutes.

b) Without efforts, it brings you at peace with yourself. Your acceptance of self grows by leaps and bounds

c) It reflects a transformation in your relationships. No you do not need to change anything in them.

d) Sleep quality, happiness level, sensitivities all begin to grow

e) Healing of past trauma, hurt is the major theme of the workshop

f) Lifestyle diseases such as BP, Cholesterol, migraines, Arthritis, sinus begin to come within normal range and little more practice and you have them out.

g) Cure for Diabetes: Breathing technique has proven that in 3 to 7 days, people have their insulin under check.

h) Unstuck: Within weeks, many of the participants have reported flow in their life with money, property, job, relationships  and begin to attract positive vibrations from same ecosystem which was draining their energy till now.

i)Relationship and sexuality begins to open up and there is more harmony with the partner.

Why Science of Life Workshop:

Look around and you will discover that disease/disorder is traveling closer to you and as you look within, you discover managing relationships is becoming far more challenging. Worry, anxiety, insecurity and mental stress is on rise each day yet we declare we are happy with life. And in all this, our “own self” is nowhere to be seen. In fact, it is worse, as most of us have even forgotten what real happiness is and so is the case with health. “Somehow surviving” is common phrase at 9 am in the elevator as it is fashionable for us to visit doctor and take pills on dining table. We are trapped in our own negative energies and life seems full of never ending struggle. Happy surroundings are rapidly becoming extinct.

In last few decades, as we got busy to chase our dreams to build a respectful life moving from large family to nuclear family, from small town to big city, we are gradually slipping into inner void. We struggle with values and emotionally draining relationships, have lack of contentment and poor health. In all, the “soul is in crisis”. It is due to this crisis at the soul level, that we are forced with opportunities to fall sick, turn lonely to bring attention to our own self albeit through suffering and not as a choice.

Traditions, values, culture and ethics which once defined essence of our being and gave us sense of belonging and purpose of life are now torn apart.  With emergence of globalization, irrational fusion of east and west we find it hard to be contemporary with new digital era of convergence. And we are caught in between. We are the “transition people” who gained knowledge and lost wisdom, are more informed and lost connect to our roots and mysticism.

Religion is no more delivering the reverence we once saw on the face of our grandparents. Appreciation and acceptance is rather elusive due to ever demanding relationships and we have no yardstick to judge how much to desire and aim for.

All of this has put a stress on our body-mind-spirit and more and more people are turning to spirituality to seek the balance and inner connect. There is hardly any program (a) which is   scientifically proven and has measurable results (b) where one could attain peace and harmony within few minutes every day to carry out daily life effortlessly and (c) work as cure for various lifestyle issues modern urban life is facing (d) offers road map to lead life full of abundance and happiness

A course in “Science of Life”

Hopelessness is lowest level of the frequency and bliss & peace is one of the highest level. In normal course, we oscillate within this range many times during the day and when we begin to vibrate at a specific frequency, we begin to believe that is our reality and seldom find enough power within to come out unless some external energy source, motivation is applied.

Quantum physics says that “Nothing is fixed, everything is vibrating in universe. So is death and destiny.” This statement is the base belief on which techniques are designed and put together in a course in “Science of Life”  to help everyone pull out of lower frequency realities and stabilize themselves at higher plane to attract health, happiness and harmonious relationship.

Since year 2010, ever since first patient of mental disorder reversed his symptoms, these techniques have been core of our treatment and have been applied on wide variety of complex and incurable cases in clinical practice. Developing science and making it work for everyone without our support and to package them in two day long workshop, has taken us these many years.

No one will even recommend their enemy to an engineer and entrepreneur to get cured unless we were the last hope. That was the complexity and severity from the day one, and we revived cases (a) which were considered hopeless by all other streams of medicine (b) emotionally stressful relationship or (c) life was beyond hope for people when they came to us and said can you make us vibrate higher?

This is how this program is born which we apply every day on all our patients. You can heal your issues yourself like many others after this workshop. There is finally a hope and a path and enough support to you to make your life meaningful. You are no more a victim of circumstances.


  1. Loved the post. You write so well. You have covered almost everything relating to enlightenment and the science relating to it. I wish to attend your courses someday. I will.

  2. Naveen ji, loved your post…….I don’ t have any problem but definietly many more issues are there to be healed.Please convey whenever you arrange any workshop in chandigarh…I know about your gurgaon workshop but if someday in chandigarh……

    • Dear Anu,

      When we say, we do not have problem, we are right. However from Survivor point of view which is limited consciousness. This is exactly the point when all problems starts to surface as our inner self seeks higher expression having survived so far. This is right frame of being to become curious, explorer and adventurous about life but not because you feel inadequate but because you have found survival and now let us celebrate…and explore deeper layers of being..

  3. I read your book Meditation The cure twice.You put down everything in the book which was in my mind. I fully subscribe your view. I love to be associated with you as a healer

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